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      Lucille Feremans



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        Lucille Feremans






 Lucille Feremans lives and works in Flanders, Belgium.She has practiced general photography since a very young age.

Neither advertising  and industrial photography nor portrait photography keep any secrets from her. The human figure continues to captivate her, even on regular studio work. After a  long career, she has garnered many awards and a important achievements. Beside commercial work, Lucille Feremans remains interest in the beauty of the human body. She is known for her exquisite, classical nude photography. Needless to say, this represents an important part of her work. We see a sensitive approach to portraits of the human nude in powerful colors and in the intense clair-obscure of the best Flemish pictorial tradition.

In many ways the photographer is able to add her own, personal approach to the original image. The creative moment coincides with the intuitive, impulsive urge of the artist.