Fine Art Photographer

lucille FEREMANS







Lucille lives and works in Flanders, Belgium. She has practiced general photography since a very young age. After a career of five decades, she has garnered many awards and important achievements.

Today, Feremans has emerged as one of the elite fine-art photographers in Europe. Now best known for her arresting, brilliantly colored fine art photographs, she seems to reinvestigate the heart and soul of life, as well as the basic materials of photography.

She, more than anyone else, is able to define her conceptual images.

Her gentle but determined approach to visual arts makes Lucille stand out from the crowd of ordinary photographers.

Her images reflect autobiographical, figural, psychodramas and involve public narratives. We see a sensitive approach to portraits of the human nude in powerful colors and in intense, chiaroscuro, following the best Flemish pictorial tradition.

Final prints are produced as conventional C-Prints, Baryte Silver Prints, Polaroid Transfers & liftings and digitally enhanced photographs.

Lucille Feremans adds her own, personal approach to image making; her creative moment coincides with the intuitive, impulsive urge of the artist.

Her photo book WATCH ME was published in 2014.

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